I build and develop systems engineering teams.

We help delivery teams produce value faster and reliably.

We build and maintain continuous delivery capabilities (SCM, CI/CD, Code analysis, Artefact management, SOE). We also provide architectural patterns and guidance as SMEs (systems, networking, cloud, automation) on when to build and when to use a managed solution.

Having started my career as a Linux Systems Engineer, I have a strong background in linux systems, networking, monitoring, virtualisation (xen, kvm, openvz) and automation.

During the last decade, I have spent time honing skills and building solutions around:

I am an avid learner and practitioner of principles, methodologies and practices provided by the DevOps movement, Agile and Lean.

My work and learning heavily hinges upon: leadership, management, business continuity, asset life cycle management, disaster recovery, incident management, reliability engineering, platform engineering.


During my role at Australia Post, my area of focus has been:

Getting a thorough understanding of what we do, why, who for and how.

Understanding and enhancing the value that the team provides via our delivery platform and engagement with the software delivery teams.

Supporting and advocating new ways of working and technologies while aligning them with the commercial realities of the business.

Rebuilding the team from scratch by interviewing (a lot) and bringing in the right talent (attitude and skill) into the team. Being responsible for their relevance and progression by providing challenging opportunities.

Forging a strong relationship with our:

Honing the art of navigating the process dense and bureaucratic ways of an enterprise to deliver value for the organisation while consistently pushing for a change.